Filter Cheat Sheet

Filter Name Description Researcher Organization Location Research Area Publication Source Funding Agency
Affiliated Organization Results include people who have a linked research address in Web of Science to the organization selected. Linked address data is available in Web of Science starting in 2008 publications          
Association Results include all organizations in selected Association. Associations are called Aggregations in previous versions of InCites Global Comparisons          
Author Position (2008-2020) Filter on first, last, and corresponding author positions. For more information, visit the Our Recommendations help page      
Authors per Document Adjust the slider to limit the results by number of authors per document. Set a minimum and maximum threshold. Results include documents with a count of authors between the minimum and maximum thresholds
Collaborating Funding Agencies Find documents with two or more Funding agencies and one of them is the selected Funding Agency          
Collaborations with Locations Find documents with two or more countries and one of them is the selected location  
Collaborations with Organizations Find documents with two or more unified Organizations and one of them is the selected Organization  
Collaborations with People Find documents with the selected co-author  
Domestic/International Collaboration Find documents with Domestic or International collaborations
Document Type Find documents with one or more document type. InCites supports a single document type only. Visit our Document Types help page for more information.
Top % Documents Select a value to analyze top % of documents. For e.g. Selecting 5 will filter on top 5% of the documents. Selecting 15 will filter on top 15% of the documents.
Funding Agency Filter results by funding agencies listed on the document. This data is derived from funders appearing in the funding acknowledgment section of Web of Science documents
ISSN Limit results from a specific Journal ISSN
JIF Quartile

A JIF journal is a journal that has a Journal Impact Factor. Journals are ranked by JIF in their subject category, and the ranking is divided into quartiles. This filter enables you to limit results from journals in the selected JIF quartile(s). For example, if you select Q1, you limit results to documents from journals in the top JIF quartile. If you select Q1 and Q2, you limit results to documents from journals in quartiles 1 and 2. If you select Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4, you limit results to documents from all JIF journals.

Note: The Quartile corresponds to the JCR data from year of publication. Together with Research Area filter, we can limit the documents from quartiles corresponding to the specific WoS Research Area.

Source Name Search by title of publication source
Publication Source Country/Region Search by country/region of the publication source in the InCites dataset. The country/region of record for a publication, generally the country/region found in the address of its editorial office (not necessarily the country associated with its publisher)
Source Type Filter on a specific publication source type
Location For Researcher and Organization, the data corresponds to the location of the Organization. For all other entities, it is the derived from the address on the document. Called as "Researcher Location" in the Funding Agency entity.
Funding Agency Location Country or Region of the Funding Agency          
Location Type Select from Country/Region, Country Group, or State/Province to further refine your location-based queries.          
Open Access Search documents assigned to certain Open Access categories in Web of Science data. Visit our Open Access help page.
Organization Name Search all organizations unified in the InCites dataset. Unified organizations are curated in the WAAN unification system.  
Organization Type Results include all organizations with Type selected. Type is curated in the WAAN unification system. Organization type is not an official designation from an organization charter – it is a value curated by data Clarivate data specialists considering publicly available information about the organization, and assigned for optimal usability and enhanced benchmarking and collaboration analysis based on InCites use cases.          
Person Name or ID

Filter by full or short author name, or ID or WoS Author Records (beta): Full: full name if available on Web of Science record Abbreviated: Short or abbreviated or (WoS standard) name. ID: Web of Science ResearcherID or ORCID WoS Author Records (beta): Analyze researcher data from Web of Science Author Searchbeta

Important: Full names are available for most records published on or after 2008.

Publisher Search by publisher for Journal
Rank Results included all organizations that appear in the most recent bimonthly ESI dataset          
Research Area Filter on specific categories from default Web of Science or other classification systems

For more information, visit our Research Areas help page

Times Cited Adjust the slider to limit the number of results by times cited. Set a minimum and maximum threshold
Web of Science Documents Adjust the slider to limit the number of results of documents published. Set a minimum and maximum threshold