WoS Author Record (Beta)

The WoS Author Record (beta) filter returns matching author records from the Web of Science Author Search (beta) data. These are algorithmically created clusters that bring together multiple variants into a single author record. Records can be claimed and corrected (currently only in Web of Science). Here is an example of different name variants you may encounter with a person name search.

Web of Science author search screenshot

With Author Name search, you get different variants for the same person:

author name search screenshot

With WoS Author Record (beta) search, you get a single author record:

wos author record screenshot

The WoS Author Record (beta) feature helps you identify the full output of a researcher and minimizes the risks of missed name variants. This reduces the effort in analyzing an author within their full scope of authorships when compared to work needed when using Name or knowing the ORCID or Researcher ID (where available).

The process to create author records brings down the number of available names from 51.5 to 27.4 million, which dramatically reduces potential name variants. You can add multiple author records, and use other filters to expand and refine an analysis.

The type-ahead search returns the matching author record name and the most recent organizational affiliation (org-enhanced) to help select the required author record.

This feature is a beta, so there are limitations of which you need to be aware:

  • Author record identifiers may change as data in Web of Science is periodically re-clustered. Changed identifiers will only be reflected in the following InCites monthly data update – subject to cut-off date.
  • As author record identifiers are not yet stable, the author record in InCites cannot be linked back to Web of Science and reports cannot be saved for now.