WoS Author Record

The WoS Author Record filter returns matching author records from the Web of Science Author Search data. These are algorithmically created clusters that bring together multiple variants into a single author record. Records can be claimed and corrected in Web of Science. The WoS Author Record search offers a series of benefits to easily identify researchers.

Obtain single author records

With Author Name search, names are not disambiguated and as consequence a unique person might have multiple records:

author name search screenshot

With WoS Author Record search, you get only the number of records that exist for the researcher in Web of Science:

wos author record screenshot

The WoS Author Record feature helps you identify the full output of a researcher and minimizes the risks of missed name variants. This reduces the effort in analyzing an author within their full scope of authorships when compared to work needed when using Name or knowing the ORCID or Researcher ID (where available).

WoS Author Records can be in Unclaimed or Claimed status. Use the filter to select which profiles you want to analyze based on status.

Unclaimed: they have been automatically generated in Web of Science and have not yet been acquired by the author.

Claimed: the author has acknowledged the profile in Web of Science and curated it as needed.

Learn more about WoS Author Records in their help page.


The type-ahead search returns the matching author record name and the most recent organizational affiliation according publications, to help select the required author record. Use the affiliation indicator to discover all the organizations the researcher has been historically affiliated.

Web of Science Researcher ID

All WoS Author records are linked to a Web of Science Researcher ID to help with the identification. They are stable, it means that Researcher IDs for unclaimed records are not changing in every monthly dataset update. However, the content linked to each Researcher ID might change when users curate their record content in Web of Science.

WoS Author Record status

It is possible to filter by claimed and unclaimed record to get more clarity. Claimed records are showing a green icon in the table to help with the identification.

wos author record screenshot

Additional indicators available

The WoS Author Record search includes indicators that are not available in Name and Unique ID, as the Times Cited without Self-Citations and the H-Index without Self-Citations

Save reports

Save the analysis done using WoS Author Records as reports

Researcher Report

Researcher Report includes the option to search by WoS Author Record, in addition to Unique identifiers (WoS Researcher ID and ORCID).

WoS Author Record names in the Researcher explorer are hyperlinked to easily navigate to the Researcher Report.