Journal Citation Reports Data

The InCites explorer includes Journal Citation Reports journal indicators and links to JCR Journal Profiles within the results table. For analysis focused on research producers, these indicators identify the share of work published in top journals, enhancing promotion or enabling strategies for improved standing within the community and among competitors. Publishers can now leverage the improved features of InCites Benchmarking to track performance of journals, identify significant contributors, and benchmark against peers.

  • For all indicators in InCites in non-, the time period will dictate the JCR year of the indicator displayed; for example, a time period filter of 1980-2017 will display the 2017 JCR indicator; a time period filter of 1980-2012 will display the 2012 JCR indicator
  • For all indicators in InCites in Journal entity, only the latest JCR data is displayed
  • All indicators are covered from 1997-present