In addition to all author names, all author affiliations are captured from each publication, including (where available on the source publication) organization name, city, state or province, postal code, country or region. In InCites, the full organization name is displayed and searchable. Since 2008 all author names are associated with their affiliated institutions as listed with the publication.

The policy of including all affiliations is particularly important for multi-authored papers which may contain hundreds of different affiliations, all of which are searchable and displayable. This ability to comprehensively identify an institution’s publications is a key benefit of InCites when compared to other databases of scholarly literature which may only capture some of the affiliations and may not accurately capture all name variants.

Address Unification

Care is taken to unify variant institution names from Web of Science addresses, including name variants, such as previous names, affiliated sub-organizations and spelling variants.

More than 14,000 institutions have undergone the unification process, and work is ongoing to extend it to more organizations. The unification process is a combination of background research by our editorial staff and feedback from organizations.

Organization Types

Each unified organization is assigned an organization type by to facilitate filtering by broad grouping:

Organization Type Description
Academic Primary function is education, degrees awarded. Name contains University, College, URL ends in .edu. Medical research institutes that are part of an academic organization should be Academic (e.g., Harvard University)
Academic System Parent organization of a group of universities or colleges (e.g., University of Wisconsin System)
Corporate Business, legal entity, has a board of directors, a stock symbol, URL ends in .com (e.g., Pfizer Australia)
Global Corporate A company that operates in two or more countries (e.g., Pfizer)
Government State owned or operated organizations. Name contains Municipal, National, they report to a Ministry, State or Federal Government funded, URL ends in .gov or country code such as .de, .ca, or .ch (e.g., Ministry of Education, China)
Health Hospitals, Medical Centers, organizations that treat or diagnose patients (e.g., Hospital Aleman)

Healthcare System

Parent organization of a group of hospitals, clinics, or treatment centers (e.g., UNICANCER)
National Academy Organization co-ordinates scholarly research activities and standards for academic disciplines (e.g., Buenos Aires National Academy of Medicine)


Registered Charity, Society, NGO, Medical research that is not clinical or part of an Academic institute, URL ends in .org (e.g., World Wildlife Fund)


Combination of other institution types, such as Academic & Government, and international collaborations (e.g.,International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA))

Research Council Organization that oversees and provides research policies for public and professional groups (e.g., Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC))
Research Institute Organizations that are primarily focused on research (e.g., CEA)