Article Influence


The average influence of a journal’s articles over the first five years after publication.

How It's Calculated

(0.01 * Eigenfactor score) ÷ X

X = 5-year journal article count divided by the 5-year article count from all journals

Article Influence is calculated by multiplying the Eigenfactor by 0.01 and dividing by the number of articles in the journal, normalized as a fraction of all articles in all publications. This measure is roughly analogous to the 5-Year Journal Impact Factor in that it is a ratio of a journal’s citation influence to the size of the journal’s article contribution over a period of five years.

How to Interpret It

The mean article influence for each article is 1.00. A score greater than 1.00 means each article in the journal has above-average influence. A score less than 1.00 means each article in the journal has below-average influence.